Box of 9 artisan chocolates!

The box of 9 artisanal chocolates is the first product of Chocolab, it contains 9 unique pralines from the 9 most touristic cities of Albania and their unique product. See the contents of each praline, by city, below. The mosaic of the National Museum of Tirana was chosen as a symbol on the lid of the box, an image well known to all locals and foreigners.

Cokollata Tirana

Tirana Praline

White Olives Oil
and 60% Dark Chocolate

cokollata Gjirokastra

Gjirokastra Praline

Visoke Hazelnut
and 39% Milk Chocolate 

cokollata Berati

Berati Praline

Roshniku Dried Figs
72% Dark Chocolate

Cokollata Durresi

Durresi Praline

Shesh i Zi Red Wine
and 60% Dark Chocolate

Cokollata Vlora

Vlora Praline

Narta Salt
and 36% Caramel Chocolate

cokollata permeti

Permeti Praline

Pink Rose Petals
and 30% White Chocolate

Cokollata Korca

Korca Praline

Red Chili flakes
and 72% Dark Chocolate

cokollata Shkodra

Shkodra Truffle

Malesia e Madhe
and 72% Dark Chocolate


cokollata Saranda

Saranda Praline

Borshi Oranges
and 58% Dark Chocolate

artisan Albanian chocolate
Albanian Chocolate handmade


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